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The Formula for Continuous Career Advancement

 Whomi Blog

Our approach to career success is based on our proven formula for Continuous Career Advancement. We've seen it work for everyone from professionals in their early career to seasoned senior executives.



There are three elements to our formula for Continuous Career Advancement:

  • Trusted Advisors - people whose career advice you value AND that care about your success

  • Proven Plan - specific steps to help you define and achieve your next career goal, with the help of your Trusted Advisors

  • Accountability - reminders to spend some time preparing for your career advancement on a regular basis

These three elements were common across people that developed strong career paths for themselves. And advisors and mentors that put them in place for their mentees helped them progress faster too.

Whomi will help you pull these three elements together for your career. In the following Whomi Blog posts, we will help you build a plan to get your career moving forward. 

Thanks for working with Whomi!

Whomi Career Advancement Team
Posted in Whomi Blog on August 01 2022 at 12:33 PM

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