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2. Identify your Trusted Mentors

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Trusted Mentors play a significant role in advancing your career. If you are not using them effectively you are missing out on your real career potential.

Whomi can help you bring together your Trusted Mentors from work, school, friends and family into a micro-network that supports your career.

Let's work on identifying who should be in your Trusted Mentor micro-network.

Your Trusted Mentor micro-network is a small group made up of people you already know, whose advice you trust, and who care about your success. This network might be only 3-12 people, but they are people you trust from your work history, school, family and friends.


These mentors are not total strangers. We believe that harnessing the power of people that actually know you and care about your success is critical for continuous career advancement.

To identify your Trusted Mentors, think about the people you know in each of these 4 groups (Work, School, Friends and Family). For each group, try to write down 2-3 names of people whose career opinions you trust and that you think care about you.

Try it now! Spend 10 minutes and write down a few names for each group. Next we'll talk about how you can Invite your Trusted Mentors to Whomi and leverage them to get clarity on your career growth!

If you are a Mentor, challenge all of your mentees to go through this exercise. Helping your mentees expand their Trusted Mentor micro-network will give you even more support as you work to help with their careers.

Good luck and feel free to post to "Everyone" on Whomi if you have any questions! 
Whomi Career Advancement Team
Posted in Whomi Blog on August 01 2022 at 12:37 PM

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