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3. Invite your Trusted Mentors to Whomi

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Did you identify your Trusted Mentors already? If you did, great job! You're on your way.

If you didn't, take a few moments now to identify at least 2-3 people from your previous work, school, family and friend networks that you think will have good advice for you and will be willing to share it. Naming Trusted Mentors is critical! If you need help, review this blog post on Identifying your Trusted Mentors.

Now that you have your mentors identified, invite them to join Whomi. The easiest way to do this is to send them a message or email saying something like:
Hi! I'm trying to be proactive and starting to consider my next career steps. I'm using a new app called Whomi to bring together a small group of Trusted Mentors to support me. I think you have great advice and was hoping you'd be willing to join me on Whomi.  I promise not to take up too much of your time! You can join at Thanks!
You can copy and paste the message above and send it in text, email or any other message to your Trusted Mentors. Try it now! Surrounding yourself with a small group of Trusted Mentors is critical to your career growth.

Once they join you can add them to your Whomi network by searching for their name and clicking "Add Friend."
For Mentors, invite your mentees to join Whomi and add you to their Trusted Mentor network. You should also invite them to add other mentors from their work, school, family and friend networks to get the most out of the experience.

Once you have your initial Trusted Mentors engaged, we can start on your Proven Career Plan!

Good luck!
Whomi Career Advancement Team
Posted in Whomi Blog on August 01 2022 at 12:39 PM

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