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4. Get started on your Career Plan

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By now you should have identified your Trusted Mentors and invited them to join Whomi. If you did not do it yet, invite them now. See how here. Your career will grow faster when you unite your inner-circle of Trusted Mentors to support you.

Today, we'll talk about your Career Plan and how you can make progress toward your next career step. Access your career plan by clicking on the button at the top of your page.



Once you do that, you will see four simple steps that have helped everyone from people in their early careers to seasoned executives achieve their career goals.



Try to write down a goal in Step 1. Ultimately, we will work to make this more precise, but for now you can even write something down as simple as "I want to figure out what to do next" or "I want to get a promotion and increase my compensation" or even "I want more time back and flexibility with my job."



Don't forget to hit "Save" when you are done. When you hit "Save" or "Completed" you will make a post that is only visible to your friends on Whomi (we call them your "Whomigos"). That way your Trusted Mentors and friends can see what you are doing and can offer help and advice.




You will come back to this Career Plan many times over the next several months as you define and work to achieve your next career goal.
Your Career Plan is only visible to your Trusted Mentors and friends on Whomi. Unlike other social networks where you broadcast all of your activities to lots of people, Whomi is focused on keeping your Career Plan between you and those you trust.
If you ever get stuck, click on the "(?)" next to each Career Plan step to find questions you can ask your Trusted Mentors to get their advice. In the example above, we recommend asking your Trusted Mentors, "Could you share some ideas for types of jobs you think I should consider for my next role?" We'll talk more about this in a future Blog post.
Try it now! Write something down as an initial goal and save it. You can always change it later.
If you are a Mentor, ask all of your mentees to write down a goal for their next step. If they cannot write down a goal, you cannot help them achieve it. Whomi allows you to track progress of all of your mentees in one place as you will see their updates in your main feed (although they won't be able to see each other's updates unless they are also friends).
Good luck writing down your first career goal! Next we'll talk about how to Get Advice from your Trusted Mentors thoughout this plan
Whomi Career Advancement Team
Posted in Whomi Blog on August 01 2022 at 12:45 PM

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