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We're sure you've heard people say that "networking is really important for your career." But if you're like most of us, no one ever told us how to network well.

At Whomi, we want to change that by giving your some clear advice on how you can engage your Trusted Mentor micro-network to grow your career.

As we shared previously, we have broken your Career Advancement journey into a simple four step career plan that you can always access at the top of your Whomi Home screen:


As you saw last time, throughout each Career Plan Step, you will find (?) icons that you can click on to identify questions to ask your mentors:



These questions are meant to help you get input from your Trusted Mentors so that you can make better, more informed career decisions.

Sample questions include:
  • Could you share some ideas for types of jobs you think I should consider for my next role?
  • What are the Top 3 things you think I will have to demonstrate to stand out when applying for my goal job?
  • How can I highlight my experience in the most compelling way?

Post these simple questions to your Trusted Mentors and Whomigos right from the Whomi Home page:


When you select to post to "Friends Only" your post and any comments and responses are only visible to your Whomigos or people you have explicitly invited to join you. Your Trusted Mentors' other friends (who are not your friends) will not see the discussion. You can also post general, and less-personal questions to "Everyone" to get feedback from the whole Whomi community.

While your Whomigos will see your post in their Home Feed, if you want to be sure a specific Trusted Mentor or Friend gets notified of your post, you can tag them. They will get an email and an app notification letting them know that you have a question for them. You can only tag people in your network.

The secret to Continuous Career Advancement is to get very good at making the right use of your Career Plan and your Trusted Mentors.

Try it now! Send one of the career questions from the (?)'s on your Career Plan to your Trusted Mentors. If your Mentors aren't checking Whomi every day yet (we hope they will soon!), you might need to tag them to let them know you have a question for them.

If you are a Mentor, encourage your mentees to look at their career plan and ask you a question, tagging you in the process. You will soon love the fact that you can provide better, faster, and more timely, feedback in minutes instead of longer, less frequent mentoring sessions!

Let the career discussions begin!

Whomi Career Advancement Team
Posted in Whomi Blog on August 01 2022 at 12:50 PM

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