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1. The Continuous Career Advancement Cycle

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Congratulations on taking the first step toward growing your career! We believe you will get far more out of your career with the right plan and the right support. Let's get started!
Continuous Career Advancement is a cycle. One secret we have learned by working with many people who have built successful and meaningful careers is that they think about this cycle proactively and frequently throughout their career. 


The cycle starts by ensuring you define a clear next goal for your career. You will then build the new skills, work examples and self advocacy to land your goal job. Once you land your new job, you want to ensure you deliver a meaningful success story for your company and team. Then you can start planning for your next career step by highlighting the new success story you just delivered.
At Whomi, we will help you master this continuous career advancement cycle so that each step in your career journey can bring more fulfillment, satisfaction, and meaning than the last.
Let's learn more about the Formula for Continuous Career Advancement.
Posted in Whomi Blog on September 21 2022 at 08:29 PM

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