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5. Master Career Planning with Feedback

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By now you should see that Whomi helps you achieve your career goals by enabling you to take two critical actions:
  1. Build your draft career plan step by step across the Continuous Career Advancement cycle
  2. Get feedback from advisors on each draft step so you can make a more successful plan
Mastering career planning with feedback can dramatically accelerate your career journey and help you build a more meaningful, rewarding, and satisfying career.
You will go through this planning and feedback process at each step of your Continuous Career Advancement cycle. From defining your goal, to determining the skills and capabilities you need to achieve your goal, to building your real work experience and portfolio, to learning to advocate for yourself and landing your ideal job you will get advice and help.
To get the most out of your Career Planning and unite your advisors into a Personal Board of Advisors, upgrade to a Premium Membership with a Private Advisor Room. In a Private Advisor Room, you can share your career planning questions with your advisors in a safe and secure channel. Go beyond 1-to-1 questions over email or direct message by uploading resumes for feedback or sharing job offers for advice on where to negotiate with all of your Advisors at once. Tag people that you want to be sure see you update so they are notified to respond. 
Best of all, in a Private Advisor Room, all of your Advisors who care about your success will be able to work together to help you. Imagine 3 of your most trusted advisors, who may not even know each other, discussing your career success together!
Private Advisor Rooms work great for individual growing their careers as well as entrepreneurs starting a new business venture or even people in their jobs just wanting advice on how to perform better. They are a safe space to have the honest, authentic, and vulnerable dialog that allows you to tackle the toughest questions about your future and your career.  All with your inner-circle of people you trust.
You Private Advisor Room is accessible at the top of your Home screen right next to your Career Plan.


One you create it, you can invite your Trusted Advisors to join you in this private channel. You will also be able to upload documents and videos. Plus, with your Whomi Premium Membership you will be first to get new features including live webinars and Q&A. We look forward to helping you accelerate your career growth!
If you are a Mentor or Advisor, having your mentees sign up for Private Advisor Rooms will help you be even more efficient. When you are part of multiple Private Advisor Rooms, you can see all of the dialog in your single Whomi home feed. Now you can keep up and support many more mentees in a fraction of the time. Encourage all of your mentees to sign up for Private Advisor Rooms on Whomi and scale the impact of your support.
We look forward to seeing you master career planning with feedback to grow your career!
Whomi Career Advancement Team
Posted in Whomi Blog on September 22 2022 at 11:34 AM

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