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About Us


Make your career one you truly love!

Whomi is a community to help you work with your mentors to create a your perfect career, one step at a time. From getting a promotion, to building new skills, to switching industries entirely, Whomi is designed to help you achieve your personal and unique career goals, whatever they are. After all, each of us will spend about 30% of our waking life at work. Together, we can make sure that time is well spent!

It's ok to want help, Whomi simplifies it.

Whomi encourages individuals and mentors to work together on their goals. Instead of having 1-1 meetings every quarter or every 6 months, Whomi enables regular dialog between individuals and mentors to help you achieve your goals faster! Better results for you. Simpler engagement for your mentors.

Whomi helps you take control of your career.

Whomi is like no other career site you may have used. It is not a job board to find postings. And it is not designed for your to highlight your accomplishments. It is designed to make you more successful in your career journey by authentically sharing your goals and getting support to grow. Whomi doesn't focus on what you have already done. Whomi focuses on what you want to do next!

With Whomi you can:
• Set a personal goal for your next career step
• Follow a defined 4 step journey to reach your goal
• Get support from mentors and trusted friends
• Find career articles and videos to inspire you

Whomi is a community that helps each other.

You know what they say, find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. With Whomi, you can develop your career one step at a time into a journey that you truly love. And while you are here, give back and help others. Share your experiences and insights so people can learn from you.