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The Whomi Brand


Our Name: Whomi

Our name, Whomi (pronounced "hu' mi"), is derived from a shortened way of asking "Who aM I?" We want to help every person figure out who they are and who they could be in their career journey.

In our experience as mentors, we've found that many people have trouble seeing beyond what they do today, to what they could do in the future. The promise of Whomi is to help people recognize their incredible talents and value and determine how they want to apply them to achieve their personal goals. One of the best ways to do that is to get feedback and advice from people who know us in a private environment where authentic discussions can thrive.


Our Logo: The Chameleon

Our logo is a stylized chameleon. Like each of us, chameleons are intrinsically the same beings throughout their lives. Yet, they can adapt very quickly to feel right at home in a new environment.

With Whomi, we want to encourage people to think of themselves as more adaptable than they might think. They can maintain the same values and priorities throughout their lives, but apply them to very different career options. We hope Whomi encourages people to be bold and consider what they really want to become. We believe, with help of people that care about them, they can achieve it. 


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